A Walk In The Woods

Thought I'd share a few snaps I took of a walk in the woods earlier in the Autumn.  I had been itching to get out on a country walk ever since the leaves had started to turn so I was so excited when we finally made time to go!  

Woodland Walk Catherine Frere-Smith

I was not disappointed when we arrived.  The trees had put on a spectacular show; the contrast of the yellow and green leaves attached to the branches, with the deep reds and oranges underfoot was simply stunning.  As we wandered along the mud paths there were hidden treasures everywhere.  Tiny clusters of mushrooms, moss and lichen covered twigs, and a whole array of pine cones and scattered seeds.  

Woodland Mushrooms Catherine Frere-Smith

If I hadn't been walking with our family I would have spent hours watching the birds, trying new paths, and collecting leaves, twigs and pinecones.  I've already been banned by my husband for filling the house with too many random twigs, feathers and leaves, so I instead I took a quick photo when I spotted something beautiful, then had to run to catch up with the rest of the group.  Having only a moment to capture each image, (and forgetting, as always, to bring a proper camera), all the photos were taken on my Iphone.  I've been really surprised how well the photos came out!  I'm no photographer so if I had remembered my camera they probably wouldn't have come out as well as these. All thanks to the auto light balance and focus on the Iphone camera I could take some nice shots. It's amazing how good these tiny phone cameras can be now!

Woodland Mushrooms Catherine Frere-Smith